Kitchen and Bath Remodeling


All of our kitchens are custom designed and built to fit your needs. We will work with you very closely in designing your kitchen. Our kitchens aren’t standard box sizes like you would purchase from a large chain store. They are built based on the dimensions of your space – and we will utilize every inch of that space. Here’s an overview of our kitchen design process and specifications.

  • You will meet with Mike at the kitchen showroom. We will cover everything from the layout, various types of wood, colors, counter top selections, hardware, door and drawer options etc. On average we will meet 2-3 times to finalize your selections.
  • We will provide you a 3-D design of your kitchen. This will include multiple angles of viewing for your upper and lower cabinets to make sure we got it perfect!
  • Because appliances play a big role in the design we will need all of your selections prior to final sign off of the kitchen

Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Often times remodels are more demanding than new construction and need to be treated as such. Whether it’s a high-end addition or a basic bathroom remodel they both need the same attention to detail. The fit and finishes may be different but the “baseline” needs to be the same. Depending on the scope of your project we will work with our team and come up with a build out that fits with your vision. As always we will take care of all permitting and logistics. We will take the same scheduling approach as we do with our new construction projects.