New Custom-Built Homes – Home Design

This is where the project gets exciting … where you can finally begin to see the home of your dreams.

The design of your new home comes about in one of two ways:

We can build your home directly from the design plans you select.


We can bring in our architect/home designer who can develop plans to your specifications.

Of course, you could do both.  You can find a home design plan and then have the architect customize those plans to your wish list.

Let’s discuss your options. 

Please call 774-314-0108 or click here to schedule an introductory phone call or in-person meeting.

We can show you some of our own home design plans or help you find additional plans based on your lot size, home style and price point.

What goes into the design of a new home?

You’ve thought about this for a long time.  Perhaps you collected photos of homes and spaces that you love, thinking that perhaps some day you may be able to make them part of your new home.

You may have already consulted with an architect or home designer to get some preliminary drawings or simply get your ideas down on paper.

Wherever you are in the process, you need to consider several factors in developing your home design.


Home Style

This is a personal preference question that only you can answer.  What style would you like for your new home?  Styles are described with familiar terms like contemporary, traditional, colonial and farmhouse.



If you have already selected a lot, the footprint is going to be an important consideration.  It’s not whether your home footprint will fit on the lot, it’s more about how it will fit.

Will it feel crowded or oversized for the lot?  Will it run too close to your neighbors’ properties or the front street?



Your age and family size could be a factor here.  Older homeowners may prefer to keep their house on one floor.  Larger families are likely to require a second floor.  But what about a third floor?  Will you have living quarters in the basement?


Floor Plan

Your interior design will come later, but you want to have some idea what your floor plans will look like.  Will you have an open floor plan on the main floor or separate rooms?



How many bedrooms do you need or want?  Will they all be on the second floor?



How many bathrooms and on what floor?  Any half baths?  Will there be a master bathroom suite?


Wish List Rooms

What special rooms or additions are you hoping to see in your new home – a great room, a sunroom, an office, a playroom, a wraparound porch?  Speak up early to make sure they are included in the design.



If you are planning to have a garage, how many bays will you need?  And how big are your vehicles?