New Custom-Built Homes – Interiors & Exteriors

This is where your personal style can really flourish.

Inside your new home, you may have already set the design in motion with your chosen home style and floor plan.  Similarly, on the outside, you may have had an exterior master plan for your landscape with the placement of your driveway and the trees/vegetation you decided to keep in place.

Now it’s time to get more precise.

As your builder, Wingspan Properties will handle every aspect of your interior and exterior work.  We will select, hire and supervise all the sub-contractors

We will manage the project workflow ensuring the sub-contractors and suppliers are meeting our schedule.

And we’ll watch the money.  We’ll keep track of all contracts, estimates and invoices.

Over the years, we have established working relationships with dozens of sub-contractors and suppliers – so we have confidence in their work quality and adherence to schedule and budget.

Let’s discuss your options.

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Designing the interior of your new home.

The interior design of your new home is a reflection of your own personal design tastes.

You may decide to design your home yourself, use an interior designer or let your builder develop your interior to the specifications of your home plan.

Designing your new home can be a highly satisfying experience, but don’t underestimate the work that’s involved. 

From color palettes to flooring choices to window treatments, the design decisions are seemingly endless. 

But design is just the beginning.  There’s also the slew of contractors and suppliers that need to be hired, scheduled and supervised.  And don’t forget the money – the estimates and the invoices.

No matter how you approach the interior design of your new home, it’s important to define your personal tastes so you can communicate more effectively with your designer or builder.

Start by looking at home decorating magazines and building a photo collection of rooms and spaces you like. 

Then create a design wish list of elements you’d like to see.  These wish list items may or may not be possible for your home, but at least get them into your discussions.


Designing the exterior of your new home.

The appearance of your home from the outside – the curb appeal – is important to all homeowners.

After all, more people will see the outside of your home than the inside.

Some of the exterior work may have already been decided for you when you established your house footprint and selected your home style.

But as your new home nears completion, you will need to nail down exactly what you want for the exterior – in terms of:

  • house color and trim color
  • roof color and style
  • front entrance
  • porches, decks, patios
  • walkways, walls, fencing
  • landscaping

While many homeowners are able to maintain their own landscaping, the initial installation of a new lawn, gardens and hardscape is very demanding and may be better handled by professionals.